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Poetry is

K.S. Lapham is a poet who aspires to inspire. His personal struggles have lead him to a life of creative expression. Poetry is his outlet.

His creation is an extension of his inner struggles and outer observations.

Writing on a 200 year old desk by candle light, he creates his poetry and self expression.


Poems can be found on this site and on twitter @kslamericanpoet

His first publication, “Collage of Influence Vol. 3”,  is coming soon!

Subliminal Poetry

K.S.L American Poet

Collage of Influence

In everything there is poetry. It can be found in the day-to-day things and in the irregularities of life. But below the recognizable experiences lie things that speak to a deeper part of ourselves. Subliminal Poetry is the observation of the world around us that speaks to that subconscious mind, poetry that delves deep into our hidden world and feeds our innermost being.

Kenneth S. Lapham identifies himself as an American Poet. His site, social media, and soon to be published works reflect this. His desire to create poetry has driven him to a place of inspiration and creation like he has never known before.

His goal is to write 10,000 poems.

K.S. Lapham is inspired by the world around him as well as the world inside his conscious and subconscious mind. These inspirations come together to create a Collage of Influence, which serves as a catalyst for his upcoming work of the same name.

“Collage of Influence” is K.S. Lapham’s works centered around the concept of subliminal poetry, revealing what is beneath the surface and venturing into the subconscious mind.

Poems Written

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