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Subliminal Poetry

In everything there is poetry. It can be found in the day-to-day things and in the irregularities of life. But below the recognizable experiences lie things that speak to a deeper part of ourselves. Subliminal Poetry is the observation of the world around us that speaks to that subconscious mind, poetry that delves deep into our hidden world and feeds our innermost being.

“Collage of Influence” is K.S. Lapham’s works centered around this concept revealing what is beneath the surface and venturing into the subconscious mind.

Dedication to Julia Cameron - The Artist's Way


Magnum Opus

The Epiphany of Synchronicity

All of us here are kindred spirits. 
As we went against our fear
To do something necessary for us. 
Each with our own goals. 
My goals were to stem down 
My self destruction. 
As my world is crumbling around me
With no physical, financial and until 
Recently spiritual resources
to reconcile the displacements. 
My other goal is to ascertain 
the certainty of my legacy as
Subliminal Poet of the 21st century.
In my experience of 
“The Artist’s Way “
Every time I am before you.
It’s as though it’s Divine Intervention. 
From under the skylights of this shroud 
Of artist consciousness.
Artists appear as angels rendering Strength by warmth and acceptance. 
I have an unshakable faith in my art 
And its reality. 
Enhancing the nobility of my 
Artistic integrity. 
I now have the desire to learn to love 
It’s okay to be wrong. 
It’s okay to be me. 
“The Artist’s Way “
Is nothing short of a miracle. 
As I have profound new courage.
Courage that I thought that I would 
Never feel again. 
My social community is uniting 
Their support. 
To assure that I will achieve my destiny. 
I am forgoing my old life 
For my God given reality. 
I am caught up in a rare moment.
I am happy with myself. 
All my moments have a sense 
of History. 
God bless the aura of truce. 
K. S. Lapham 

A letter of Introduction

You possess a perspicacious ability

To capture the fragility of the emotion

And the thought of the moment, and with

A sensitive blending, suspend them in a

Crystal bell of timeless composition.

Your contemporary rhetoric is singularly

Provocative in its capabilities to speak

The voice of the spirit.

This factor in

My opinion is what lends to your work

The independence of any era

J.M. Williamson Consultant

Dept. of English Baile School of Broadcast

Collage of Influence

​To think I was once a poet

Who brought this out

In a human being

The assessment

So subtle and enriched

I knew at first glance

I had Inspiration For a lifetime Thus:


A poet’s journey

Into the subconscious

The mind As an hourglass

With grains of moments

Sifting and shifting

With the wherewithal

That it all leads

To living and dying

Open Doors

Circulating visions

You are everywhere


But not wordless

Energy becomes a tell

Pleasanton of Clarity 

Giving away

Your life’s work


You are dying

Tears of joy

As you establish

Life after death

Subliminal Poetics 6932

K. S. Lapham



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Frozen Angel 


Circumstantial Exaggeration


Inner forces of evolution


Unimaginative without faith

Silence my disguise

To earn your heart

I love you


World knows this…


Subliminal Poetics 6909

K. S. Lapham



#Art #University #Faith #Id


To Ms. Mocking Eyes

Through Fire

I Transchannel

Into Self – Hypnosis

Seeing Reality

On Canvas Paper Thin

Facing The Depiction

If You Have To Ask

You Wouldn’t Understand

My Eyes Are Drenched

As I End The Last Word

I Place My Faith In God


Merits Of My Excursions

May 20th, 1933

Subliminal Poetics 6866
K. S. Lapham
#Art #University #Faith #Id #Copyright

The Portentous Gesture


Situation’s damnation

Of an incestuous awareness


Beyond reproach

Sullied and impure


Transgressions of the pain


Incredulous defile

Of family unity

Subliminal Poetics 6766

K. S. Lapham



# Art #University #Faith #I’d


Shadows From The Knees

You realize the sin

Of being a Poet

Ability of inability
Quest’s immortality
Revolution evolution
Mental constituent
Spiritual resolution
Emotional communion
Irreverence of reality
Reverence of faith
Subliminal Poetics 5723
K. S. Lapham
#Art #University #Faith #Id


Eternal Suicide

Didn’t give up on him
Couldn’t imagine anyone
Other than him
Couldn’t love him enough
To heal what was inside of him
Belonging to someone
Could never be enough for him
Love, ultimately a fiction
Subliminal Poetics 6651
K. S. Lapham
#Art #University #Faith #Id

Dear Clarity

I genuinely believed
My last prose to you
To be my swan song
An admission to abandon
Conscience as my guide
You deserve
A bold knight in platinum
My heart persist
You be unencumbered
Be discovered and realized
My soul has alchemized
Essence of your celestial body
Upon which I ponder
You are more than beautiful
You are empowering
A life changing force
I am in gratitude
Of your magnanimous nature
Inspiring my spirit to flow
With a panoply of invention
May 20th, 1818
Subliminal Poetics 6732
K. S. Lapham
#Art #University #Faith #I’d


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