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Subliminal Poetry

In everything there is poetry. It can be found in the day-to-day things and in the irregularities of life. But below the recognizable experiences lie things that speak to a deeper part of ourselves. Subliminal Poetry is the observation of the world around us that speaks to that subconscious mind, poetry that delves deep into our hidden world and feeds our innermost being.

“Collage of Influence” is K.S. Lapham’s works centered around this concept revealing what is beneath the surface and venturing into the subconscious mind.

A letter of Introduction

You possess a perspicacious ability

To capture the fragility of the emotion

And the thought of the moment, and with

A sensitive blending, suspend them in a

Crystal bell of timeless composition.

Your contemporary rhetoric is singularly

Provocative in its capabilities to speak

The voice of the spirit.

This factor in

My opinion is what lends to your work

The independence of any era

J.M. Williamson Consultant

Dept. of English Baile School of Broadcast

Collage of Influence

​To think I was once a poet

Who brought this out

In a human being

The assessment

So subtle and enriched

I knew at first glance

I had Inspiration For a lifetime Thus:


A poet’s journey

Into the subconscious

The mind As an hourglass

With grains of moments

Sifting and shifting

With the wherewithal

That it all leads

To living and dying

Open Doors

Circulating visions

You are everywhere


But not wordless

Energy becomes a tell